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Partnership Rapid City allowed me to do an apprenticeship to learn how to build, fix, and maintain computers. Something I have always been interested in since tearing apart my leapfrog when I was young. This apprenticeship has just confirmed my love for this and I will definitely pursue it in college. Thank you!

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Who We Are, What We Do!

*Partnership Rapid City is a collaboration between the Rapid City Area Schools, Rapid City Public School Foundation and the community.


*The Partnership Rapid City staff works to create alliances between businesses, non-profit organizations and our schools to expand the walls of our classrooms and create learning experiences within our community.


*Partnership Rapid City was created in 2007 as a product of  Community Summits involving the Board of Education and 45 business and community leaders.


*We provide a central point of contact  which enables community resources to improve student academic achievement, workforce development and higher education readiness.


*Our programs allow our students to understand the relevance of their school work and the importance of staying in school.


*Partnership Rapid City students are engaged in our community and provide thousands of volunteer hours to our businesses and service organizations. 


Our Mission: Partnership Rapid City's mission is to give students opportunities to see the relevance of their school work by applying their knowledge and skills in the community, and to develop a workforce that will grow our regional economy and enhance our quality of life.

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